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Xen4CentOS6 xen dom0 project

The Xen4CentOS6 project is a collaborative effort between the Xen Project, the Citrix Xen development teams, the CentOS Project team, GoDaddy Cloud operations group and RackSpace Hosting to package, deliver and maintain a stable Xen hypervisor and its related tooling for CentOS-6, enabling CentOS-6/x86_64 to be used as a dom0, base platform to host Xen in paravirt and fullvirt deployment roles.

suse studio distro builder

the suse studio distro builder not only lets you build usb sticks, isos, vmware images but you can now also run your custom distro on the suse studio test drive cloud !

here are some suse studio opensuse distros i built earlier


Oracle VM

Some interesting and useful Oracle VM links

and what oracle does for floss in general


Citrix Announces Acquisition of Virtual Computer


Citrix will combine the newly-acquired Virtual Computer technology with its market-leading XenClient® hypervisor to create the new Citrix XenClient Enterprise edition. The new XenClient Enterprise will combine all the power of the XenClient hypervisor with a rich set of management functionality designed to help enterprise customers manage large fleets of corporate laptops across a distributed enterprise.

Citrix XenServer 6


Citrix XenServer 6 is a complete, enterprise-class virtualization platform used to integrate, manage and automate a virtual datacenter. A full suite of server virtualization tools delivers cost savings throughout your datacenter. Improved datacenter flexibility and reliability provide high performance support for your business. Additionally, new features allow you to manage the virtual network that ties all of your virtual machines together and to delegate management access to virtual machines for individual application owners.

hosting for everyone

OVH now offer hosting packages for almost anyone using almost every hypervisor !


entry level dedicated

enterprise dedicated

mini cloud

DIY cloud (using your choice of  – kvm, openvz, proxmox, vmw, xen)

virtual rack