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VMware Player to Virtual Box

The VMware Player to Virtual Box migration how to from the Fat Bloke @ Oracle includes this piece of advice which i completely agree with !

the Fat Bloke’s First Rule of VM Migration is: Don’t


VirtualBox front ends

Oracle VirtualBox ships with six front ends for sysadmins and sysmans to chose from !

  • VirtualBox – the Qt GUI front end implementing the manager and running VirtualBox VMs.
  • VBoxManage – a less user-friendly but more powerful alternative.
  • VBoxSDL – a simple graphical front end based on the SDL library.
  • VBoxHeadless – a VM front end which does not directly provide any video output and keyboard/mouse input, but allows redirection via VirtualBox Remote Desktop Extension.
  • vboxwebsrv – the VirtualBox web service process which allows for controlling a VirtualBox host remotely.
  • VirtualBox Python shell – a Python alternative to VBoxManage.