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DockerToolbox v DockerForWindows


  • Requires Oracle Virtual Box
  • Windows Hyper-V must be disabled


  • Requires Windows 10 Pro [1511 or 1607] (NOT HOME)
  • BIOS Virtualisation (VT) must be enabled
  • Windows Hyper-V must be enabled
  • NOTE : Kills Any Pre-Existing VirtualBox VMs






docker windows10


docker windows10

docker windows10


virtualbox headless

VirtualBox comes with a front-end called VBoxHeadless, which produces no visible output on the host at all, but instead only delivers VRDP data.

That allows you create server hardware whose only purpose is to host VMs which run remotely over VRDP and so you dont need to have a graphical user interface on the server at all.

VBoxHeadless has no dependencies on the X Window system on Linux and Solaris hosts.

virtual box users and USB access

The virtualbox gnu/inux installers create the system user group vboxusers during installation.
Any system user who is going to use USB devices from VirtualBox guests must be member of that group.
A user can be made member of the group vboxusers through the GUI user/group management or at the command line with
# usermod -a -G vboxusers username
Note that adding an active user to that group will require that user to log out and back in again. This should be done manually after successful installation of the package.