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vmware tools on ubuntu 10.x

to get vmware tools to run on ubuntu 10.x you’ll need to install some extra packages

  • # aptitude install build-essentials
  • # aptitude install kernel-package
  • # aptitude install linux-headers

VMware Tools can't shrink ed/x/ubuntu 10.x ext4 partitions

Apparently it’s a known issue that VMware tools toolbox cant shrink ed/x/ubuntu ext4 partitions. Until this is fixed by VMware one workaround from http://www.insomnihack.com/?p=387 suggests creating a large file of zeros then deleting it then using vmware-vdiskmanager on the command line.

ed/x/ubuntu and vmware tools & vmware toolbox

If you have recently upgraded to the latest versions of ed/x/ubuntu (10.x) and the latest version of vmware player (3.1.1) you may experience the “good old” vmware tools & vmware toolbox “missing make”, “missing gcc” or “missing kernel headers” errors !

These can normally be fixed by running

# aptitude install bin-utils

# aptitude install linux-headers-generic

before re-running

# vmware-tools-distrib/vmware-install.pl


# vmware-config-tools.pl

VMware tools toolbox XFCE startup problem

If your Xubuntu 8.x/9.x (XFCE) VM keeps logging you out on startup it may be a problem with your XFCE config startup or VMware tools toolbox startup settings.

So just reboot your VM into single user mode or login as root (only if you’ve pre/re/enabled root account login) and goto the users directory that has the problem and :

# cd ~user-with-problem
# mv .config .old
# logout

Now you should be able to re-login as then problem user !

However they will have lost all their XFCE X11 X settings but you can now :

$ diff -qr .config .old

to investigate the XFCE or VMware setting that was causing the problem !

You can also check your .xsession-errors file(s) to see if you’re getting:

vmware-user: could not open /proc/fs/vmblock/dev

in which case you could try and re-run vmware-config-tools.pl and reboot to fix !

VMware Tools Virtual Shrink

If you’ve built a VMware VM but forgotten to turn off LVM and therefore cant use vmware virtual toolbox to shrink your disks you can still perform a virtual shrink by filling up your vm vmdks with 0’s !

$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=40M count=40 of=1
$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=40M count=40 of=2
$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=40M count=40 of=3
$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=40M count=40 of=4
$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=40M count=40 of=5

etc etc

$ rm 1 2 3 4 5

This didnt affect the 11G of space used by my vm vmdk disks but it did reduce the tgz of the entire vm from 5.5G to 3.3G !