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UShareSoft UForge

It seems that UShareSoft UForge is the new rPath! UForge is an Adobe AIR app that lets you create CentOS or Ubuntu software appliances and VMs (with packages of your choice such as alfresco cms and apache httpd) for use on your own (cloud.com, Cloud Stack, Eucalyptus, VMware, Xen) clouds  !

they even have pre-built some appliances for Jaspersoft, SpagoServer, Talend etc :
and a paid for OAS service:

adobe air uforge builder app uforge vm builder


rpath openstack

the root password for a centos vmware rpath openstack software appliance is either “”, “password” or what you specified if you installed it from the iso !

rpath openstack iso

the rpath openstack iso and vmware software appliance features

cloud grid build technologies

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BoxGrinder Build 0.9.0 is out!

BoxGrinder joins bitnami.orgelasticserver.com and susestudio.com software appliance virtual machine builders and supports many virtualization and Cloud platforms like EC2, Xen, KVM, VMware.
BoxGrinder can create appliances based on Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS from simple plain text Appliance Definition files.

Ubuntu VMs from BitNami and JumpBox

BitNami now provide both VMs based on both OpenSuse and Ubuntu so you now choose between BitNami and JumpBox for your pre-built Ubuntu software appliances and VMs !

BitNami pre-built VM software appliances

JumBox pre-built VM software appliances

TurnKey Linux virtual appliances

TurnKey Linux virtual appliances are built almost entirely from unmodified Ubuntu binaries, it is possible for anyone to verify the integrity of the binaries that make up a virtual appliance against the original package signatures from the official Ubuntu repositories. There are minor exceptions. When required, a virtual appliance may contain a few custom packages which are updated from our cryptographically signed package repository. Full source code for all custom components is available in our code repository. Some components are also hosted on github.