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quay.io is moving to cdn.quay.io on 25apr2020 #cloud #devops

quay.io is moving to cdn.quay.io

on Saturday, 25 April 2020 at 4 PM ET quay.io will be rotating the domain name returned for CloudFront based blob requests from its current domain to ‘cdn.quay.io’. If you currently whitelist the quay.io CloudFront domain name, please make sure to *add* ‘cdn.quay.io’ to your whitelist 

ibm red hat container registry requires login

before you can podman pull from the ibm red hat container registry you need to podman login to your ibm red hat service account / subscription

$ podman login registry.connect.redhat.com
Login Succeeded!

$ podman pull registry.connect.redhat.com/zabbix/zabbix-web-mysql-44

ibm red hat 7 atomic image

centos , @oraclelinux & ibm red hat #containers #devops

centos , @oraclelinux & ibm red hat #containers #devops

Red Hat Quay is an enterprise-quality container registry. Use Quay to build and store containers, then deploy them to the servers across your enterprise.