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The Rackspace open cloud is built on the open-source OpenStack framework, founded by Rackspace and NASA in July 2010. You can now host your cloud in your data centre, at Rackspace, or with a third party. We can support your private cloud, or you can choose to manage it yourself. Tools. SDKs, language bindings, API documentation and Rackspace projects on Github provide tools for languages like Java, Python, PHP and C#.


opsource cloud comparison

http://cloud-computing.findthebest.com/opsource have created a useful cloud comparison page comparing the amazon ec2, gogrid, opsource and rackspace clouds

or use find the best to create your own cloud grid comparison chart


CloudClimate displays monitoring results from a globally distributed installation of PRTG Network Monitors on Amazon, CloudLayer, GoGrid, RackSpaceCloud, Softlayer clouds. PRTG works with one core server installation and a number of remote probes used to measure system performance and to remotely monitor performance of network services.