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vmware workstation player vm backup and export

in the latest version of vmware workstation player (14) you can no longer backup a vm or export a vm from the gui instead you need to run ovtool from the command line

C:\> "C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Player\OVFTool\ovftool.exe" -h


C:\> ovftool.exe path-to-your-vmx path-to-your-ova-file-or-ovf-dir

you can specify target type instead of using file suffix ie OVA, OVF

C:\> ovftool.exe --targettype OVA path-to-your-vmx path-to-your-ova-file

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VMware Player is no longer free-of-charge

With the release of VMware Player 5 VMware have made it no longer free-of-charge for office use only personal use. So you’ll have to switch to VirtualBox or be sure to download VMware Player 4 instead and do not upgrade it !

VMware Player 5 is now available for commercial use with support offerings as a component of VMware Fusion Professional.

VMware Player to Virtual Box

The VMware Player to Virtual Box migration how to from the Fat Bloke @ Oracle includes this piece of advice which i completely agree with !

the Fat Bloke’s First Rule of VM Migration is: Don’t