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different clouds different (free) sizes

i seem to have different clouds with vastly different (free) photo storage sizes

  • box 50G
  • drop 5G
  • ever unlimited (1500 max pixels)
  • goog unlimited (15M max file size)
  • icloud (apple) 5G
  • imgur unlimited
  • onedrive (microsoft) 5G
  • shoebox unlimited (lowres)
  • yandex 250G

i only wish https://www.multcloud.com/ supported data transfer between all these clouds


amazon goes cloudy

amazon cloud drive apps for 5G of your music and photos on your android and pc

ZeroPC Cloud Content Unifier

ZeroPC is a Cloud Content Unifier lets you solve the frustration of having numerous documents, photos, videos, files, social media messages and other digital content scattered across the Web with different passwords to access each. ZeroPC gives you easy, one-stop shopping to access, manage and unify your digital life! Share your content and a full desktop experience through ZeroPC’s “Transferable Desktop”.

Theres even a ZeroPC app that can manage your android photos