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oracle change their free tier

the previously mentioned oracle cloud free tier offering we mentioned last year  2019/09/18/oracle-launch-always-free-cloud-tier/ you now get

  • One Oracle GNU/Linux VM
  • One Oracle Autonomous Database


Oracle launch Always Free Cloud Tier

Oracle launch Always Free Cloud Tier

Always Free program includes the essentials users need to build and test applications in the cloud: Oracle Autonomous Database, Compute VMs, Block Volumes, Object and Archive Storage, and Load Balancer. Specifications include:

  • 2 Autonomous Databases (Autonomous Data Warehouse or Autonomous Transaction Processing), each with 1 OCPU and 20 GB storage
  • 2 Compute VMs, each with 1/8 OCPU and 1 GB memory
  • 2 Block Volumes, 100 GB total, with up to 5 free backups
  • 10 GB Object Storage, 10 GB Archive Storage, and 50,000/month API requests
  • 1 Load Balancer, 10 Mbps bandwidth
  • 10 TB/month Outbound Data Transfer
  • 500 million ingestion Datapoints and 1 billion Datapoints for Monitoring Service
  • 1 million Notification delivery options per month and 1000 emails per month

oracle virtualbox sun solaris #blastfromthepast

oracle virtualbox sun solaris #blastfromthepast

oracle linux public yum repo info has been modularised

since jan 2019 oracle linux public yum repo info has been modularised


You should update your systems to use the modular yum configuration as soon as possible.

new oracle linux yum docs

and if installing on virtualbox from the oracle linux 7 ISO you should enable networking in your vm and use the following oracle linux public yum network location

when virtualbox guest additions says it needs kernel headers what it really means is that it needs kernel- devel

# yum install kernel-devel

oracle virtualbox 6.0.4 now available

VirtualBox 6.0.4 (released January 28 2019)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • Virtualization core: support Shanghai/Zhaoxin CPUs.
  • User interface: handle command line arguments to VirtualBox correctly (bugs #18206 and #18197)
  • User interface: improvements to machine manager window, virtual optical disk creator, storage selector window and log viewer window
  • User interface: various small fixes and improvements
  • Audio: implemented time scheduling for the AC’97 device emulation to keep audio and video in sync
  • Graphics: basic support for VMSVGA graphics device in virtual machines using EFI
  • Network: fix occasional NATNet crashes (bug #13899)
  • Network: worked around problems in certain PCnet drivers on old operating systems
  • Serial: fixed connecting to pseudo terminals on POSIX hosts (6.0.0 regression; bug #18319)
  • Linux hosts and guests: fix for building kernel modules against Linux 5.0. Thank you Kyle Laker

why not browse the code or contribute to @oracle @virtualbox #virtualbox #virtualisation #sysadmin #webdev

why not browse the code or contribute to @oracle @virtualbox #virtualbox #virtualisation #sysadmin #webdev

if you sign up you might even get a mention on oracle.com