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opensuse vm builders the next gen

the opensuse susestudio vm builder based on top of opensuse kiwi

is evolving into opensuse build service based on top of suse kiwi next generation

the great thing about kiwi next generation is that you can use it to create docker containers


microfocus owns novell owns suse

ok 4 years late i just found out microfocus bought novell who bought suse

but how do i manage my novell login required to login to suse opensuse susestudio vms ?

MS #bigdata #analytics R servers released for #OpenSuse and #RedHat

MS release R servers for #RedHat and #OpenSuse


Microsoft R Server is a fast and cost-effective enterprise-class big data advanced analytics platform supporting a variety of big data statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities. Microsoft R Server includes Open Source R and is fully compatible with R scripts, functions and CRAN packages, and offers a variety of analytics capabilities including exploratory data analysis, model building and model deployment.

#virtualbox #flos #opensource @opensuse http network install howto

virtualbox flos opensource opensuse http network install howto

download and install virtualbox

download opensuse network install iso

create vbox vm and boot vm from opensuse iso (it automatically points to the opensuse http dowload mirror)

openshift client on opensuse

the procedure to install the red hat openshift client utilities on opensuse gnu/linux is slightly different to that on red hat gnu/linux

on red hat enterprise linux 6

on opensuse 12.3  as root

  • # zypper install git
  • # zypper install rubygems
  • # zypper install rubygem-rhc

on opensuse 12.3 as you

  • $ rhc setup

suse studio distro builder

the suse studio distro builder not only lets you build usb sticks, isos, vmware images but you can now also run your custom distro on the suse studio test drive cloud !

here are some suse studio opensuse distros i built earlier


suse builder and suse studio vm builders

novell opensuse have created a variety of vm software appliance builders openbuildservice.org/instances.html for many distros including meego

open builder

meego builder

suse studio