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Sun supported Virtual Box Hosts & Guests

Sun BigAdmin System Administration Portal have published a “HCL” for Virtualization Platforms that includes some certified confgurations that Sun can support such as a SUSE 11 host with an OpenSolaris 2009.06 guest!


Solaris Crossbow

Sun OpenSolaris Crossbow provides the building blocks for network virtualization and resource control by virtualizing the stack and NIC around any service (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NFS, etc.), protocol or Virtual machine.

Each virtual stack can be assigned its own priority and bandwidth on a shared NIC without causing any performance degradation. The architecture dynamically manages priority and bandwidth resources, and can provide better defense against denial-of-service attacks directed at a particular service or virtual machine by isolating the impact just to that entity. The virtual stacks are separated by means of H/W classification engine such that traffic for one stack does not impact other virtual stacks.

OpenSolaris now available on Amazon EC2 Europe!

OpenSolaris now available on Amazon EC2 Europe!

Sun are very happy to broaden the availability of the latest OpenSolaris 2008.11 Base AMI on Amazon EC2 in the European Region. This AMI is public and does not need registration.

Following are the details of this new OpenSolaris 2008.11 32-bit AMI: