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ms azure databases

ms azure databases

great @microsoftuk #azure #cloud tonight at @ukazureusergroup at @wework

UK Azure User Group

London, GB
2,621 Members

Welcome to the relaunched user group!!Andy Cross and Richard Conway from Elastacloud and Chris Parsons and Joe Hancock from Hancock & Parsons established the UK Azure Users G…

Next Meetup

Generation-Z Developers

Thursday, Mar 7, 2019, 6:30 PM
65 Attending

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Cloud Native Applications (Microservices, monoliths and more)

Thursday, Feb 21, 2019, 6:30 PM

WeWork 138 Holborn
138 Holborn London, GB

82 Members Went

Great chance to meet David Whitney, one of the coolest devs in London. Former trainline, JustGiving and other places where he’s turned monoliths into super-duper highly performant non-monoliths. He’s an author of children’s coding books with a latest bestseller in Get Coding 2! In this talk Dave will describe approaches and patterns to Microservice…

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ms azure severless devops docs

ms azure severless documentation

ms azure severless devops documentation

ms azure severless devops video

ms release azure stack so you can create your own private cloud

ms release azure stack so you can create your own private cloud on your dual socket 96GB ram servers

ms azure cognitive services inc captionbot.ai and celebslike.me

ms azure cognitive services inc computer vision, emotion recognition and face recognition apis used  by captionbot.ai and celebslike.me



ms azure trial account

if you want to try an ms azure trial account (free £20/m credit for one year) you will need to

then you can use the ms azure account, portal and pricing sites

and even run wordpress on linux or a blockapps strato ethereum blockchain vm