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Ubuntu VMs from BitNami and JumpBox

BitNami now provide both VMs based on both OpenSuse and Ubuntu so you now choose between BitNami and JumpBox for your pre-built Ubuntu software appliances and VMs !

BitNami pre-built VM software appliances

JumBox pre-built VM software appliances

JumpBox Sakai

JumpBox Sakai is an Open Source collaborative learning environment that contains everything necessary to deliver an effective eLeaning program. The JumpBox packages the rSmart distribution of Sakai which is a refined version of the Open source Sakai project with enhancements like additional modules and an improved user interface. Sakai can be used to deliver an entirely online learning experience or used as a supplement to traditional in-person coursework.

JumpBox Cloud Gear

JumpBox Cloud Gear lets you run any JumpBox in minutes using Amazon EC2 and gives you instant access to a broad array of Open Source web applications with just a few mouse clicks. There’s no upfront cost to use them and you only pay for your actual usage. The minimum time increment is one hour and that opens up all kinds of use cases that would normally be prohibitive.

JumpBox for Tracks Task Management

JumpBox Tracks is a web-based application that uses an AJAX interface to deliver the responsiveness of a desktop app while offering the power of a web app. Access your todo list from anywhere: your work computer, a public terminal or even your mobile phone. And because it’s a JumpBox you can begin by hosting it from your desktop and move it to a dedicated server once you need ubiquitous access.

Six Apart Movable Type JumpBox VM


Six Apart and JumpBox have been working together to vastly simplify the deployment of Movable Type Pro. This new product called “Virtual Movable Type by JumpBox” is a JumpBox virtual appliance that bundles all the components required to run Movable Type together in a single module that deploys in minutes.