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IBM rename Bluemix Cloud to IBM Cloud

IBM rename Bluemix Cloud to IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud guaranteed free development with Lite plans

but it looks like despite marketing changes they havent changed the domain names yet


IBM Bluemix Cloud kubernetes devops tutorial

IBM Bluemix Cloud kubernetes devops tutorial

This tutorial walks you through the process setting up a continuous integration and delivery pipeline for containerized applications running on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. You will learn how to set up source control, then build, test and deploy the code to different deployment stages. Next, you will add integrations to other services like security scanners, Slack notifications, and analytics.

Develop locally – Deploy globally – with the IBM Bluemix Cloud Developer CLI

Develop locally – Deploy globally – with the IBM Bluemix Cloud Developer CLI


How local containers are used

The IBM® Cloud® Developer Tools CLI uses two containers to facilitate building and testing your application. The first is the tools container, which contains the necessary utilities to build and test your application. The Dockerfile for this container is defined by the dockerfile-tools parameter. You might think of it as a development container as it contains the tools normally used for development of a particular runtime.

The second container is the run container. This container is of a form suitable to be deployed for use, for example, in IBM® Cloud. As a result, an entry point is defined that starts your application. When you select to run your application through the Developer Tools CLI, it uses this container. The Dockerfile for this container is defined by the dockerfile-run parameter.

Getting started with IBM Bluemix Cloud developer tools

Getting started with IBM Bluemix Cloud developer tools

With this installation, you get the IBM Cloud CLI, plus the following tools:

  • Homebrew (Mac only)
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Helm
  • kubectl
  • curl
  • IBM Cloud Developer Tools plug-in
  • IBM Cloud Functions plug-in
  • IBM Cloud Container Registry plug-in
  • IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service plug-in
  • sdk-gen plug-in

IBM Bluemix Cloud FREE for developers

IBM Bluemix Cloud FREE for developers

Build on IBM Cloud for free with no time restrictions. Guaranteed free development with Lite plans. Develop worry-free and at no cost with cap based Lite plan services for as long as you like. Start on your projects right away. Skip entering your credit card info and get working in just a few short steps.