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Elastic Server Bundles

Patrick Kerpan gave a great talk this evening on Elastic Server Bundles. You can just search for a component name such as java to get a list of bundles which you can then add to your server template and then create your Server image on a variety of virtualisation and cloud platforms. I particularly liked the idea of using Elastic Server to create KVM images for your dev team, VMW images for your test team and AMI for operations / production !

Elastic Server VM builder

Elastic Server VM builder is a great new way to build your own software appliances and virtual machines.

You can choose Fedora 10 or Ubuntu 8.04 LTS as your base OS and in a few clicks create Amazon EC2 AMI, ElasticHost, KVM, VMware, Xen VMs !

The VMware VMs that Elastic Server creates are not just for servers and seem to work fine on VMware Fusion and VMware Player with a nice separate VMDK for your swap file !