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Develop locally – Deploy globally – with the IBM Bluemix Cloud Developer CLI

Develop locally – Deploy globally – with the IBM Bluemix Cloud Developer CLI


How local containers are used

The IBM® Cloud® Developer Tools CLI uses two containers to facilitate building and testing your application. The first is the tools container, which contains the necessary utilities to build and test your application. The Dockerfile for this container is defined by the dockerfile-tools parameter. You might think of it as a development container as it contains the tools normally used for development of a particular runtime.

The second container is the run container. This container is of a form suitable to be deployed for use, for example, in IBM® Cloud. As a result, an entry point is defined that starts your application. When you select to run your application through the Developer Tools CLI, it uses this container. The Dockerfile for this container is defined by the dockerfile-run parameter.


ms azure ubuntu docker appliance

ms azure ubuntu docker appliance

This item deploys an Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (amd64 20160627) virtual machine, as published by Canonical, in Microsoft Azure and then installs a Docker Engine, via a VM Extension as published by Microsoft, in the virtual machine.

NOTE: This deployment does not enable a Remote Client connection. Please refer to Running Docker with https to configure Docker to be reachable via the network in a safe manner.

Ubuntu Server is a popular Linux distribution for cloud environments. Updates and patches for Ubuntu Server 16.04 will be available until April, 2021. Ubuntu Server is the perfect platform for all workloads from web applications to NoSQL databases and Hadoop. For more information see Ubuntu Cloud and using Juju to deploy your workloads.

docker container removal

docker container removal

$ docker container list --all
7892a81691c6 docker/ucp "/bin/ucp-tool" 35 minutes ago Exited (0) 35 minutes ago cranky_shannon
ff848049bc55 redmine "/docker-entrypoint.…" About an hour ago Exited (0) About an hour ago inspiring_babbage
fe67ab61abda redmine "/docker-entrypoint.…" About an hour ago Exited (0) About an hour ago cocky_bartik
65a554844970 bitnami/redmine "/app-entrypoint.sh …" About an hour ago Exited (1) About an hour ago upbeat_pare


docker rm container

$ docker rm 4c5784e79dd9

docker image removal

docker image deletion and removal

get a list of images

$ docker images --all
laradock_nginx latest 687eb3dccec0 23 hours ago 24.4MB
laradock_php-fpm latest 9011ae1a47a5 23 hours ago 414MB
laradock_redis latest a085dd214956 24 hours ago 107MB
laradock_workspace latest 2ea822e3b905 24 hours ago 725MB
osde8info/get-started part-2 05bbc25a892f 27 hours ago 148MB
node alpine 785e257485e7 4 days ago 68.4MB
bitnami/redmine latest e547bec0c9bb 7 days ago 708MB
postgres alpine f4f4231d6f0b 10 days ago 39.5MB

delete a specific image

$ docker image rm f4f4231d6f0b

docker images are kept in /var/lib/docker

docker images are kept in /var/lib/docker

# du -s /var/lib/docker/*
20    /var/lib/docker/builder
220   /var/lib/docker/containerd
884   /var/lib/docker/containers
30028 /var/lib/docker/image
84    /var/lib/docker/network
5876620 /var/lib/docker/overlay2
20    /var/lib/docker/plugins
4     /var/lib/docker/runtimes
4     /var/lib/docker/swarm
4     /var/lib/docker/tmp
4     /var/lib/docker/trust
188   /var/lib/docker/volumes

you can save a lot of space by deleting any unused images and containers

# du -s /var/lib/docker/*
20	/var/lib/docker/builder
220	/var/lib/docker/containerd
4	/var/lib/docker/containers
2888	/var/lib/docker/image
84	/var/lib/docker/network
163380	/var/lib/docker/overlay2
20	/var/lib/docker/plugins
4	/var/lib/docker/runtimes
4	/var/lib/docker/swarm
4	/var/lib/docker/tmp
4	/var/lib/docker/trust
188	/var/lib/docker/volumes

docker redmine container

if you want to run a docker redmine container you will find plenty to choose from including ones from @bitnami and @turnkeylinux


$ docker search redmine
redmine Redmine is a flexible project management web… 532 [OK] 
sameersbn/redmine 268 [OK]
bitnami/redmine Bitnami Docker Image for Redmine 26 [OK]
74th/redmine-all-in-one Redmine includes hosting SVN & Git , backlog… 9 [OK]
inspiredgeek/redmine-alpine Simple Docker images to run Redmine tracker … 4 [OK]
turnkeylinux/redmine-13.0 TurnKey Redmine - Integrated SCM & Project M… 2 
eeacms/redmine EEA Redmine docker setup 2 [OK]
tkeydll/docker-redmine-backlogs Redmine with backlogs plugin. 1 [OK]
fjudith/redmine Dockerized Redmine based on redmine:3.3 offi… 1 [OK]
themill/redmine fork for redmine to add/test theming 1 [OK]
minimaru/openshift-redmine A Debian8 based Redmine v3.2 image for use w… 1 
commonms/redmine Docker image for Redmine. 1 [OK]
starfox/redmine-plugin-dashboard A container designed to install redmine-dash… 1 [OK]
trollin/redmine 0 
honsiorovskyi/redmine Official Redmine + Git + Mercurial 0 [OK]
rubykube/redmine Redmine 4.0 container 0 [OK]
thiagorider/redmine Redmine Docker Image Automated Build Repo. 0 [OK]
sorintdev/redmine Redmine with custom theme 0 
nitra/redmine_priority_tasks redmine_priority_tasks 0 [OK]
togent2/redmine_ttdlx_enabled redmine_ttdlx_enabled 0 [OK]
mikroways/redmine redmine passenger image 0 [OK]
akiko/docker-for-redmine-plugin-test Docker to run redmine’s plugin test. 0 [OK]
amd64/redmine Redmine is a flexible project management web… 0 
robobeerun/redmine Redmine image that runs as non-privileged us… 0 [OK]