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LXD the system #container manager from @canonical and shipped with #ubuntu #devops #container #webdev

LXD the system #container manager from @canonical and shipped with #ubuntu #devops #container #webdev

LXD, the system container manager, developed by Canonical and shipped by default with Ubuntu, makes it possible to create many containers of various Linux distributions and manage them in a way similar to virtual machines (VMs) but with lower overhead costs associated with them.

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docker container removal

docker container removal

$ docker container list --all
7892a81691c6 docker/ucp "/bin/ucp-tool" 35 minutes ago Exited (0) 35 minutes ago cranky_shannon
ff848049bc55 redmine "/docker-entrypoint.…" About an hour ago Exited (0) About an hour ago inspiring_babbage
fe67ab61abda redmine "/docker-entrypoint.…" About an hour ago Exited (0) About an hour ago cocky_bartik
65a554844970 bitnami/redmine "/app-entrypoint.sh …" About an hour ago Exited (1) About an hour ago upbeat_pare


docker rm container

$ docker rm 4c5784e79dd9

docker redmine container

if you want to run a docker redmine container you will find plenty to choose from including ones from @bitnami and @turnkeylinux


$ docker search redmine
redmine Redmine is a flexible project management web… 532 [OK] 
sameersbn/redmine 268 [OK]
bitnami/redmine Bitnami Docker Image for Redmine 26 [OK]
74th/redmine-all-in-one Redmine includes hosting SVN & Git , backlog… 9 [OK]
inspiredgeek/redmine-alpine Simple Docker images to run Redmine tracker … 4 [OK]
turnkeylinux/redmine-13.0 TurnKey Redmine - Integrated SCM & Project M… 2 
eeacms/redmine EEA Redmine docker setup 2 [OK]
tkeydll/docker-redmine-backlogs Redmine with backlogs plugin. 1 [OK]
fjudith/redmine Dockerized Redmine based on redmine:3.3 offi… 1 [OK]
themill/redmine fork for redmine to add/test theming 1 [OK]
minimaru/openshift-redmine A Debian8 based Redmine v3.2 image for use w… 1 
commonms/redmine Docker image for Redmine. 1 [OK]
starfox/redmine-plugin-dashboard A container designed to install redmine-dash… 1 [OK]
trollin/redmine 0 
honsiorovskyi/redmine Official Redmine + Git + Mercurial 0 [OK]
rubykube/redmine Redmine 4.0 container 0 [OK]
thiagorider/redmine Redmine Docker Image Automated Build Repo. 0 [OK]
sorintdev/redmine Redmine with custom theme 0 
nitra/redmine_priority_tasks redmine_priority_tasks 0 [OK]
togent2/redmine_ttdlx_enabled redmine_ttdlx_enabled 0 [OK]
mikroways/redmine redmine passenger image 0 [OK]
akiko/docker-for-redmine-plugin-test Docker to run redmine’s plugin test. 0 [OK]
amd64/redmine Redmine is a flexible project management web… 0 
robobeerun/redmine Redmine image that runs as non-privileged us… 0 [OK]

hypervisors v containers

hypervisors v containers (virtualbox/vmware v docker)


docker for #devops #webdevs

docker for #devops #webdevs

docker videos