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docker hub is now docker store but still features @bitnami and @turnkeylinux

docker hub is now docker store but still features @bitnami and @turnkeylinux docker images

docker hub is still available for creating community docker images


bitnami are now providing ubuntu redmine images on the oracle cloud marketplace

bitnami are now providing ubuntu redmine images that you can run on the oracle cloud

using #virtualbox to run a #bitnami #redmine #vmware vmdk #vm

first off bitnami only provide vmware vm vmx & vmdk downloads and apparently you cant convert these to virtualbox disks BUT apparently virtualbox supports reading and writing to vmware vmdk disk files directly

what you need to do is

  • build a vm without a disk (ignore warnings)
  • download bitnami redmine vmware vm zip
  • unzip files
  • completely ignore .vmx
  • copy *.vmdk from unzip subdir into your virtualbox subdir
  • reedit virtualbox vm and use existing sata disk and point it to .vmdk without the -s00n suffix
  • ie bitnami-redmine-3.0.4-1-ubuntu-14.04.vmdk
  • start virtualbox vm
  • enjoy the virtualbox bitnami redmine gantt charts

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