free oracle @oraclecloud #oci #freetier #training

free oracle @oraclecloud #oci #freetier #training

free oracle @oraclecloud #oci #freetier #courses

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oracle cloud oci (free tier) now supports @oracle, @centos, @ubuntu gnu/linux & @microsoft #windows instances #cloud #devops #sysadmin #webdev

oracle cloud oci (free tier) now supports Oracle Linux Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 7 & 8, centos 6 & 7, ubuntu 16,18 & 20 & windows 2016 & 2019 instances

Oracle-Provided Images

to connect to gnu/linux instances you need to use ssh

Connecting to an Instance (

howto install @microsoft #azdata cli on @redhat, @fedora, @centos & @oracle gnu/linux 7 & 8 #azure #cloud #dba #devops #sysadmin

howto install @microsoft #azdata on @redhat, @fedora, @centos & @oracle gnu/linux 7 & 8

# rpm --import


# yum-config-manager --add-repo
# yum install azdata-cli 


# dnf config-manager --add-repo
#dnf install azdata-cli

oracle linux 8 breaks oracle virtualbox 6

my favorite kind of bug is when a manufacturer breaks their own products for example oracle linux 8 breaks virtualbox 6 after a dnf update because it installs the linux kernel 5.4 without installing the kernel headers 5.4 required to re-build virtualbox tools

OSChina StratoVirt

OSChina StratoVirt

StratoVirt, a virtualization project implemented in the Rust language, provides both lightweight and standard virtual machine modes. For lightweight scenarios, StratoVirt achieves only the minimum set of devices required to run the business load, greatly reducing the types of devices that are redundant by traditional virtualization, significantly reducing overhead. Because in lightweight virtual machine mode, the memory base noise of a single virtual machine is less than 4MB, the startup time is less than 50ms, and the device’s extreme scalability supports millisecond latency.

Oracle @VirtualBox 6.1.6 now released fixes shared clipboard and other bugs

Oracle @VirtualBox 6.1.6 now released fixes shared clipboard and other bugs

unfortunately you CANT do an inplace update because vboxnetdhcp process blocks the update so

  • shutdown VirtualBox 6.1.2 first
  • REBOOT your (windows 10) pc
  • then run VirtualBox 6.1.6 installer


oracle vbox bug tracker