CentOS 8 & IBM Red Hat 8 QEMU & KVM

CentOS 8 & IBM Red Hat 8 support QEMU & KVM

# yum groupinstall "Virtualization Host"
# yum install virt-install
# yum install virt-manager
# yum install libvirt-nss
# systemctl enable --now libvirtd

however note that IBM Red Hat say

while QEMU is an essential component of the architecture, it is not intended to be used directly on RHEL 8 systems, due to security concerns. Therefore, using qemu-* commands is not supported by Red Hat, and it is highly recommended to interact with QEMU using libvirt.

so on centos 8 and ibm red hat 8 instead of qemu-* use these commands

$ virt-host-validate
$ virt-install
$ virt-manager
$ virt-viewer
$ virsh

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