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F5 Networks has bought NGINX

F5 Networks has bought NGINX

F5 Networks have announced that they have has completed the acquisition of NGINX, an open source leader in application delivery.

The combined company will enable multi-cloud application services across all environments


test that google cloud api key is restricted

google maps platform now requires an APIKEY attached to an account with billing enabled

once you have an api key make sure you restrict it to prevent quota theft

or you can embed a map from the menu on the google maps page for free

oracle virtualbox oracle linux 8 requires elfutils-libelf-devel

if you have oracle virtualbox and want to run a red hat 8, centos 8 or oracle linux 8 vm you will need to install kernel-devel and elfutils-libelf-devel before you run

# dnf install kernel-devel
# dnf install elfutils-libelf-devel

# ./

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serverless application deployment with @zeit #now just push your code to @github or @gitlab

serverless application deployment with @zeit #now just push your code to @github or @gitlab

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oracle linux public yum repo info has been modularised

since jan 2019 oracle linux public yum repo info has been modularised

You should update your systems to use the modular yum configuration as soon as possible.

new oracle linux yum docs

and if installing on virtualbox from the oracle linux 7 ISO you should enable networking in your vm and use the following oracle linux public yum network location

when virtualbox guest additions says it needs kernel headers what it really means is that it needs kernel- devel

# yum install kernel-devel

virtualbox and opensuse tumbleweed

installing a virtualbox vm from opensuse tumbleweed network install iso

  • + network http download url is prepopulated
  • – mouse doesnt work during install (on virtualbox 6.0.4)

tip replace the IDE CD drive with a SATA CD drive instead