virtualbox minishift openshift origin dev env

if you have virtualbox (or hyper-v) you can download minishift and create a local openshift origin demo or dev environment

to avoid the Hyper-V error you will need to run minishift with the –vm-driver switch

C:\Progs\minishift-1.5.0-windows-amd64>minishift start
-- Installing default add-ons ... OK
-- Checking if Hyper-V driver is configured ... FAIL
 Hyper-V virtual switch is not set


C:\Progs\minishift-1.5.0-windows-amd64>minishift start --vm-driver virtualbox
-- Starting local OpenShift cluster using 'virtualbox' hypervisor ...
-- Minishift VM will be configured with ...
 Memory: 2 GB
 vCPUs : 2
 Disk size: 20 GB

once you have minishift openshift running locally you should be able to access its  webconsole at

and you may want to download the openshift command line tools so you can use those locally too

once you are happy minishift openshift is running locally you may like to create a project using the demo national parks container

and the demo national parks python app

you should then see something like this