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watchout @virtualbox nat networking is not the same as @vmware

WATCHOUT Oracle VirtualBox nat networking is not the same as VMware nat networking

VirtualBox 5.x default “built in” “hardcoded” NAT networking gives every VM the same IP which will not let VMs talk to each other and VMs will also NOT work if you netadmin or sysadmin is using the 10.0.2.x subnet on your network


This separation maximizes security since by default virtual machines cannot talk to each other.

The documentation and network naming could be clearer BUT note in virtualbox if you want VMs to be able to talk to each other you must create your own “NAT Network” instead of using “NAT” network before creating VMs and assigning networks to them

MS #bigdata #analytics R servers released for #OpenSuse and #RedHat

MS release R servers for #RedHat and #OpenSuse

Microsoft R Server is a fast and cost-effective enterprise-class big data advanced analytics platform supporting a variety of big data statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities. Microsoft R Server includes Open Source R and is fully compatible with R scripts, functions and CRAN packages, and offers a variety of analytics capabilities including exploratory data analysis, model building and model deployment.