using #virtualbox to run a #bitnami #redmine #vmware vmdk #vm

first off bitnami only provide vmware vm vmx & vmdk downloads and apparently you cant convert these to virtualbox disks BUT apparently virtualbox supports reading and writing to vmware vmdk disk files directly

what you need to do is

  • build a vm without a disk (ignore warnings)
  • download bitnami redmine vmware vm zip
  • unzip files
  • completely ignore .vmx
  • copy *.vmdk from unzip subdir into your virtualbox subdir
  • reedit virtualbox vm and use existing sata disk and point it to .vmdk without the -s00n suffix
  • ie bitnami-redmine-3.0.4-1-ubuntu-14.04.vmdk
  • start virtualbox vm
  • enjoy the virtualbox bitnami redmine gantt charts

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