Monthly Archives: February 2014 Expands With New Lines Of Dedicated Servers

The IT Nerd

Some news from OVH hit my inbox late today. The company announced that they are launching its most recent lines of dedicated servers targeting new markets to keep its growth going. Through 3 distinct brands, “”, “So you start” and “Kimsufi”, OVH aims to reach a wider range of users ranging from fully developed markets (North America, Europe) to emerging ones (South America, Asia, Africa). OVH is now covering every type of business applications of its users:
Let’s look at those brands in detail: With offers starting at $109/month, is focusing on high-end professional servers for North America and Europe. Their solutions are highly customizable to fit any need. “So you Start” (SyS) is a line of professional, powerful and innovative servers providing the best ratio of technology/functionalities/price on the North American and European markets, Starting at $49/month. The SyS servers feature Intel processors (Xeon E3-1225v2 type) and the…

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