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amzon #aws, #openshift & vmware #vcloud hybrid clouds

The industry’s answer to combat AWS in the public cloud has been the OpenStack alliance of IBM, HP, Rackspace and others. But VMware’s recent announcement could put it in the running, too


howto develop a #goog #gwt app on goog #appengine and #openshift


How to develop Google Web Toolkit (GWT) web application and deploy it on Google App Engine and OpenShift without platform lock-in.

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Xen4CentOS6 xen dom0 project

The Xen4CentOS6 project is a collaborative effort between the Xen Project, the Citrix Xen development teams, the CentOS Project team, GoDaddy Cloud operations group and RackSpace Hosting to package, deliver and maintain a stable Xen hypervisor and its related tooling for CentOS-6, enabling CentOS-6/x86_64 to be used as a dom0, base platform to host Xen in paravirt and fullvirt deployment roles.