Can Pivotal really offer cloud nirvana?


Pivotal boss Paul Maritz knows how to paint a pretty picture that enterprise customers want to hear — Pivotal will launch an infrastructure-independent “operating system” for the cloud. It will enable new applications to help companies make sense of the data explosion expected to come with the internet of things.

He pledged Wednesday that PivotalOne technology will run on Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, and on OpenStack and other infrastructures. And that this effort will be independent of its owners EMC(s emc) and VMware(s vmw) (and now General Electric(s ge) as well).

That is a very, very tall order, which I’ll get back to. But first, the actual news from the official Pivotal launch event:

  • Maritz now has a title: he is Pivotal’s CEO. Up until now he was just sort of the “head” of Pivotal.
  • The first deliverables of PivotalOne will be generally available in “less than 6 months,” according to…

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