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suse studio distro builder

the suse studio distro builder not only lets you build usb sticks, isos, vmware images but you can now also run your custom distro on the suse studio test drive cloud !

here are some suse studio opensuse distros i built earlier


GE to pour $105M into EMC and VMware’s Pivotal Initiative


The Pivotal Initiative, the big cloud and big data startup backed by parents EMC(s emc) and VMware(s vmw), now has another big, scary backer: General Electric(s GE) is ponying up $105 million for a 10 percent stake in the company.

Bill Ruh, GE’s VP, will talk about the investment and the Pivotal One Enterprise PaaS later today on Pivotal’s coming out party at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, joining Paul Maritz, the former VMware CEO (pictured above) who’s heading up Pivotal.

GE, the huge conglomerate that makes everything from household appliances to medical devices to jet engines, has been talking up the industrial internet of late. And now GE’s Global Software Center in San Ramon, Calif., will to use the Pivotal technologies as a standard way to deliver data management across GE units, according to the joint announcement.

According to statement released Wednesday morningt:

“The companies also announced their…

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Can Pivotal really offer cloud nirvana?


Pivotal boss Paul Maritz knows how to paint a pretty picture that enterprise customers want to hear — Pivotal will launch an infrastructure-independent “operating system” for the cloud. It will enable new applications to help companies make sense of the data explosion expected to come with the internet of things.

He pledged Wednesday that PivotalOne technology will run on Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, and on OpenStack and other infrastructures. And that this effort will be independent of its owners EMC(s emc) and VMware(s vmw) (and now General Electric(s ge) as well).

That is a very, very tall order, which I’ll get back to. But first, the actual news from the official Pivotal launch event:

  • Maritz now has a title: he is Pivotal’s CEO. Up until now he was just sort of the “head” of Pivotal.
  • The first deliverables of PivotalOne will be generally available in “less than 6 months,” according to…

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HP Moonshot and Ubuntu

HP Moonshot and Canonical Ubuntu – “The world’s first software defined server

“If the public cloud were a country, it would rank fifth in electricity consumption.”