CloudStack IAAS Cloud Software Platform

CloudStack IAAS Cloud Software Platform (from Citrix) includes

  • Multi-Tenant cloud computing platform
  • Compatible with Commodity or Enterprise Components
  • Broad Hypervisor Support (Xenserver, KVM, VMware vSphere)
  • Scalable Architecture (manage thousands of hosts and virtual machine guests)
  • High Availability configurations to provide automatic fail-over for virtual machines
  • Easy-to-Use AJAX-enabled web interface
  • Configurable to deploy public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Virtual Networking to segment network traffic into VLANs
  • Robust API
  • Amazon EC2 Compatibility layer
  • Written in Java for proven reliability
  • Ability to define service level definitions with specific resource footprints
  • Open Source, available under the GPL version 3
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