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UShareSoft UForge

It seems that UShareSoft UForge is the new rPath! UForge is an Adobe AIR app that lets you create CentOS or Ubuntu software appliances and VMs (with packages of your choice such as alfresco cms and apache httpd) for use on your own (, Cloud Stack, Eucalyptus, VMware, Xen) clouds  !

they even have pre-built some appliances for Jaspersoft, SpagoServer, Talend etc :
and a paid for OAS service:

adobe air uforge builder app uforge vm builder

CloudStack IAAS Cloud Software Platform

CloudStack IAAS Cloud Software Platform (from Citrix) includes

  • Multi-Tenant cloud computing platform
  • Compatible with Commodity or Enterprise Components
  • Broad Hypervisor Support (Xenserver, KVM, VMware vSphere)
  • Scalable Architecture (manage thousands of hosts and virtual machine guests)
  • High Availability configurations to provide automatic fail-over for virtual machines
  • Easy-to-Use AJAX-enabled web interface
  • Configurable to deploy public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Virtual Networking to segment network traffic into VLANs
  • Robust API
  • Amazon EC2 Compatibility layer
  • Written in Java for proven reliability
  • Ability to define service level definitions with specific resource footprints
  • Open Source, available under the GPL version 3
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VMware Player to Virtual Box

The VMware Player to Virtual Box migration how to from the Fat Bloke @ Oracle includes this piece of advice which i completely agree with !

the Fat Bloke’s First Rule of VM Migration is: Don’t