Monthly Archives: August 2011

VMware Cloud Foundry

According to CloudPro VMware has created a new, ultra-simple, open source PaaS called Cloud Foundry.
VMware is squaring up to and going-it-alone with a new open Platform-as-a-Service designed especially for cloud computing environments. Cloud Foundry is being hailed by VMware as “a new generation” of application platform, delivered as a service from enterprise data centres and public cloud service providers. Essentially, it will give developers streamlined tools to build applications on public and private clouds, whether or not the underlying server runs VMware, in the simplest way possible.

Cloud Pro Cloud Magazine

The Cloud Pro cloud magazine comes from Dennis Publishing who also publish products as PC Pro, IT Pro and Channel Pro. Dennis have expertise in creating the type of articles that readers want and are geared up to keeping abreast of the latest industry trends.

Vision Cloud

The goal of the EU funded VISION Cloud project is to introduce a powerful ICT infrastructure for reliable and effective delivery of data-intensive storage services, facilitating the convergence of ICT, media and telecommunications.This infrastructure will support the setup and deployment of data and storage services on demand, at competitive costs, across disparate administrative domains, while providing QoS (Quality of Service) and security guarantees.

Oracle announces new Oracle Linux VM template for MySQL

Oracle announces new Oracle VM template for MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • The new Oracle VM Template for MySQL helps eliminate manual configuration efforts and risks by providing a pre-installed, pre-configured and certified software stack that includes Oracle VM Server for x86, Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and MySQL Enterprise Edition.
  • By pre-integrating the world’s most popular open source database with Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualization technologies, enterprise users and ISVs can quickly and easily deploy and manage a virtualized MySQL database server for Web and cloud-based applications.