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Canonical Cloud Support

Ubuntu Advantage Cloud Guest gives you support from the Ubuntu experts at Canonical

DELL dump Canonical for Citrix

According to The Register DELL will dump Canonical UEC OpenStack for Citrix Olympus OpenStack and they have published a confidential OpenStack Reference Architecture based on the DELL PowerEdge C series

amazon cloud is expanding

According to itpro the amazon cloud is expanding !

Customers now include NASA, the US Department of State, Siemens, Pfizer and Nasdaq.

At the end of the second quarter, Amazon S3 held more than 449 billion objects, up 71 percent from the end of last year, according to the official AWS blog.

And in January 3,674 of the top 500,000 websites were using Amazon EC2.

oracle virtualbox copying hds doesnt work

On Windoz 7 64bit VBoxManage can be found in C:Program FilesOracleVirtualBox

Apparently one way to clone a vbo hd is

VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid orac.vdi
UUID changed to: b534130a-XXXX-4e33-XXXX-9d64XXXX3ea2
but this does NOT work and you have use 'clonehd' instead !

UUID changed to: b534130a-XXXX-4e33-XXXX-9d64XXXX3ea2

VBoxManage clonehd orac.vdi orac2.vdi


‘VDI’. UUID: a1922153-9c96-4629-9eb9-c753e43664d8

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VirtualBox front ends

Oracle VirtualBox ships with six front ends for sysadmins and sysmans to chose from !

  • VirtualBox – the Qt GUI front end implementing the manager and running VirtualBox VMs.
  • VBoxManage – a less user-friendly but more powerful alternative.
  • VBoxSDL – a simple graphical front end based on the SDL library.
  • VBoxHeadless – a VM front end which does not directly provide any video output and keyboard/mouse input, but allows redirection via VirtualBox Remote Desktop Extension.
  • vboxwebsrv – the VirtualBox web service process which allows for controlling a VirtualBox host remotely.
  • VirtualBox Python shell – a Python alternative to VBoxManage.