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rPath rBuilder is shutting down

rPath rBuilder online is shutting down !

After five years of offering a free community service, rPath has decided to wind down the rBuilder Online hosted service.


they will continue to support the open-source world by offering free rPath software to active open-source communities on request

rpath will now be focused on rpath X6 ! so you might need to switch to bitnami, elastic server or suse studio

Oracle VM VirtualBox is now "fully open source"

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0.8 has just been released with the following improvements:

  • it is now fully open source ! – “there is now an OSS licensed binary meaning partners do not need to build and maintain their own source tress. This lowers a barrier and is expected to spark increased interest in VirtualBox virtualization solutions.”
  • it has an orderable VM list
  • it has “a new, modern virtual chipset supporting PCI Express and other hardware enhancements including high definition audio devices helps ensure support for the most demanding virtual workloads.”

See also

VMware Player 3.1.4

Install VMware Player in a directory path containing only ASCII characters.VMware Player 3.1.4 is now available and now supports

  • Red Hat RHEL 6
  • Ubuntu 10.10

but still make sure you

  • Install VMware Player in a directory path containing only ASCII characters.
  • Install the Linux version of VMware Player in a directory path without spaces.