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VMware Player 3.1.1 – 282343 is now available

VMware Player 3.1.1 282343 is now available

Lets hope it resolves my issue of its HostOnly and/or NAT virtual networks sending NTP & other broadcasts on my physical network and our network adminstrator discovering I was running the previous version of VMware Player  (3.1.0 – 261024) when i thought the whole point of the VMware HostOnly and/or NAT virtual networks was to HIDE my VMs from network administrators !

Cloudmin Pro 4.7

Cloudmin 4.7

adds the ability to install an Xen or KVM instance from a CD, supports partitioned Xen disks and Xen HVM mode, allows you to edit the boot device for virtual systems, supports changing the media type for virtual disks, adds a notes text box for systems, and many other changes.

Cloudmin GPL

does not contain all of the features of the Pro version, and is limited to managing a single Xen host system.

IBM howto migrate a GNU/Linux app to the Cloud

IBM devworks article on howto migrate a Linux application to the Amazon EC2 cloud and howto make your application more robust by employing a load balancer and persistent disk.

VMware Server 1.x is alive and well

VMware Server 1.x is alive and well and still works fine with a CentOS/OEL/RHEL 5.x host and CentOS/OEL/RHEL 5.x guests

If you’ve ever struggled with VMware Server 2.x security configuration you should  find VMware Server 1.x security model much easier !