Monthly Archives: July 2010

VMware Player replicate physical network state mode

It turns out that enabling the VMware Player “replicate physical network state” mode is only for use when running VMware Player on a device that has a WI-Fi connection and means that :

as you move from one wired or wireless network to another, the IP address is automatically renewed inside the virtual machine.




what is libvirt

libvirt is:

  • A toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux (and other OSes).
  • Free software available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
  • A long term stable C API
  • A set of bindings for common languages
  • A CIM provider for the DMTF virtualization schema
  • A QMF agent for the AMQP/QPid messaging system

Google Storage BETA

Google Storage for Developers is a RESTful service for storing and accessing your data on Google’s infrastructure. The service combines the performance and scalability of Google’s cloud with advanced security and sharing capabilities.

BitNami Studio VM Creator

BitNami Studio alllows you to the create your own virtual machines and cloud images from $50/month.

Pick and choose from an extensive library of software components and operating systems or add your own. A REST-based API and command line tools allow you to create, start and stop images on demand, allowing integration with nightly-build build processes and source control systems.