Monthly Archives: April 2010

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) oggcast

In’s open source audio library you can now find a Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) oggcast from Dustin Kirkland at the Texas LinuxFest 2010.

You will witness the ease of deploying an Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), Canonical’s open source implementation of an Amazon EC2-compatible cloud that you can run locally, in your data center and on your own hardware.

AWS Asia Pacific Region

AWS have just announced the launch of its first Asia Pacific Region in Singapore. Starting today, Asia Pacific-based businesses and global businesses with customers based in Asia can leverage AWS’s cloud infrastructure platform to build their businesses and run their applications.

VMforce Java Cloud

VMforce is the first enterprise cloud computing service for Java developers. This new service will provide enterprise developers with the powerful combination of the Java programming language, the Spring framework, and the cloud platform.

eyeos wins

eyeOS is the survivor after the collapse of both YouOS and now !

We deeply regret that Ghost has had to close down due to increasing competition. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. My sincere thanks to our team, users, investors and other fans for all their support for Ghost.

Zvi Schreiber