Bare Metal Cloud

NewServers have created a cloud that doesn’t use virtualisation ! NewServers explain that

all of the other server clouds use virtualization.  They use a Hypervisor that allows them to run operating systems inside an operating system.  They use this to create many virtual private servers (VPS) on the same physical server and sell those to different customers.   This introduces overhead that significantly affects network and disk operations.  The technology is far from perfect introduces additional security risks.  Users on a shared server can affect one another’s performance.

and that NewServers

have nothing against virtualization.  We do have something against sharing.  You don’t share your personal computer so why would share the one that runs your business critical applications. Instead of selling ambiguously defined and potentially dynamic slices of servers we sell absolute whole units and grant access down to the bare metal. You’re free to use virtualization if you wish; we even have prebuilt VMware images in our catalog.


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