Monthly Archives: November 2009

Oracle acquires Virtual Iron Software, Inc.

Oracle announced on 13 May 2009 that it has agreed to acquire Virtual Iron Software, Inc. (Virtual Iron), a provider of server virtualization management software.

The combination of Virtual Iron technology and Oracle VM’s scalable, high performance and highly available server virtualization product is expected to provide more comprehensive and dynamic resource management across the full software stack. Customers are expected to benefit from rapid application deployment, streamlined virtualization server configuration and improved visibility and control across Oracle’s enterprise software stack. In addition, we anticipate that the combination of Virtual Iron technology with Oracle Enterprise Manager will enable customers to be more agile in meeting application service levels for virtual environments.

Red Hat dump Xen for KVM

The latest announcement from Red Hat about Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers says Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization features a unique and revolutionary virtualisation technology called KVM and that they have virtualised a workload of 12.5 VM’s per core (ie 400 VM’s) using a 32 core 1TB server ! And unlike Oracle Xen VM Server, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, includes SELinux secuirty technology !

Yahoo! distribution of Hadoop

Yahoo! have released the Yahoo! Distribution of Hadoopa source code distribution that is based entirely on code found in the Apache Hadoop project. This source distribution includes code patches that we have added to improve the stability and performance of our clusters.

The Yahoo! Distribution of Hadoop can be downloaded from:

If you want an installable image of the code, Cloudera has included the Yahoo! Distribution of Hadoop in raw package form available at: