Monthly Archives: November 2009

Google Chrome OS VMs from gdgt has a great link to some pre-built vmdk virtual machines of Google Chrome OS from gdgt ! However you will need to create a gdgt account before you can download them !

Open Source Eucalyptus Private Cloud Platform

The latest version of Eucalyptus features new multi-cluster support and enhanced concurrency management for improved scaling, enabling users to seamlessly overlay their Eucalyptus cloud on top of virtually any existing IT infrastructure, regardless of size or configuration.

Oracle acquires Virtual Iron Software, Inc.

Oracle announced on 13 May 2009 that it has agreed to acquire Virtual Iron Software, Inc. (Virtual Iron), a provider of server virtualization management software.

The combination of Virtual Iron technology and Oracle VM’s scalable, high performance and highly available server virtualization product is expected to provide more comprehensive and dynamic resource management across the full software stack. Customers are expected to benefit from rapid application deployment, streamlined virtualization server configuration and improved visibility and control across Oracle’s enterprise software stack. In addition, we anticipate that the combination of Virtual Iron technology with Oracle Enterprise Manager will enable customers to be more agile in meeting application service levels for virtual environments.