Monthly Archives: March 2009

Sugar CRM AMIs on EC2 Cloud

Build your own installation of Sugar 5.5 (Alpha) on our On-Demand servers.

The custom demos give you the opportunity to use the end user and administration tools.


Howto to start an IBM sMash EC2 AMI with an instance of SugarCRM.

IBM deliver WebSphere sMash via EC2

IBM to Deliver WebSphere sMash via Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services EC2

IBM have announced the availability of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for WebSphere sMash for development and test purposes, enabling software developers to quickly build pre-production applications based on IBM software within Amazon EC2 (see press release).

Note Amazon Web Services EC2 hourly charges apply.

Open Cloud Manifesto

The Open Cloud Manifesto goal is to draft a document that clearly states we (including dozens of supporting companies) believe that like the Internet, the cloud itself should be open. The manifesto does not speak to application code or licensing but instead to the fundamental principles that the Internet was founded upon – an open platform available to all.

Convirture ConVirt KVM & Xen management dashboard

ConVirt provides enterprise-class management of open source virtualization platforms, making open source virtualization an extremely viable and cost-effective choice for enterprises.

ConVirt lets you manage the complete lifecycle of Xen and KVM virtualization platforms from a central, GUI dashboard.

With sophisticated template-based provisioning, centralized monitoring, configuration management and administration, IT administrators can now automate the entire virtual machine lifecycle on open source platforms.