VMware Fusion 2 for Apple MacBook OS X

VMware Fusion 2 for Apple MacBook OS X (This is a free upgrade for Fusion 1 users)

You’ll be asked if you wish to ‘upgrade’ your vms and the virtualHW.version line in your VMX file will change from

virtualHW.version = “6”


virtualHW.version = “7”

You’ll also want to upgrade VMware Tools in your VM to/from 7.9.3 build 128865 (?) and if you have a Boot Camp driver disc you can even connect your Apple iSight webcam to your VM !

VMware Fusion 2 include MacFuse that lets you see files in your VMDK disks when VMs are turned off and even a new VMware menu item to “Install McAfee” eval INSIDE your WXP or WVS VM’s !