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rPath approachs 10,000 software appliances

According to there are now over 9,800 rPath based projects so it shouldn’t be long before there are over 10,000 software appliance virtual machines that you could choose between and run on Parallels or Xen or most other virtualisation platforms !

rPath lets you choose rPath or SUSE base OS

Under the agreement, Novell will provide SUSE Linux Enterprise, including source code and maintenance patches, to rPath, who will then include SUSE Linux Enterprise in the rPath Appliance Platform. All of the software certifications associated with SUSE Linux Enterprise will continue to apply to customers who build their appliances using the rPath Appliance Platform. Customers will receive support directly from rPath, who will be backed up by Novell for Level 3 support issues.

rPath used by CERN

CERN turned to virtual appliances to facilitate the analysis of data created by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments. The complete software environment needed by the LHC applications is assembled by rBuilder and distributed to run as a virtual machine on physicists’ desktops. Virtual appliances provide a consistent application environment for the LHC applications while, at the same time, allowing scientists to use their desktops for analysis, regardless of operating system.

Red Hat RHEL, CentOS, OEL 4 & 5 SAN filesystems go readonly !

Apparently there is a problem in the kernel used in Red Hat RHEL 4&5, CentOS 4&5, OEL 4&5, SUSE, Ubuntu 7 and other GNU/Linux distributions that causes EXT2 EXT3 filesystems that are residing on SANs to randomly go read-only !

However if you are using kernel 2.6.18-53.1.21+ or  2.6.22+ you should be ok !

See Red Hat

See VMware are now using Ubuntu JeOS 8.04 LTS and OVF appliances feature an upgrade to their base distribution, using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server Edition, which will be supported by Canonical until 2013.

All of the 32 bit Appliances are using Ubuntu JeOS (Just enough Operating System) which provides a kernel optimized for virtual appliance use.

VMware OVF (Open Virtual appliance Format) images are now available for VMware ESX and ESXi in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Do you spend your time in a cloud or a walled garden ?

Billy Marshall (CEO rPath) thinks that walled gardens will ultimately be overshadowed by clouds because you cannot achieve webscale computing if every application has to run on a server owned by Google … The faster we take the market to cloud computing, the sooner we can kill off the walled gardens through webscale shadows that deprive them of economic sunlight.