JumpBox on Amazon EC2


You can now run JumpBoxes on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Amazon EC2 can be thought of as a big virtualization system in the internet cloud that you pay for by the hour. So instead of running a JumpBox on your hardware you use Amazon’s hardware and just pay for what you need.

There are four beta JumpBox AMIs:

  • JumpBox for MediaWiki – AMI: ami-71ab4f18
  • JumpBox for WordPress – AMI: ami-0eb45067
  • JumpBox for Movable Type – AMI: ami-6aac4803
  • JumpBox for Bugzilla – AMI: ami-70ab4f19

These are currently available as public AMIs on the Amazon system so if you have an Amazon EC2 account you should be able to launch them using any tool that can launch EC2 instances. If you don’t have an Amazon EC2 account you can easily signup for one using any Amazon account.