Amazon EC2 Super Quick Start with JumpBox

EC2 Quick Start

  • sign up
  • generate cert & private key
  • download amazon ec2 tools into ~/ec2
  • export environment variables
  • export EC2_HOME=~/ec2
  • export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jre1.5.0_15
  • export EC2_PRIVATE_KEY=~/ec2/pk.pem
  • export EC2_CERT=~/ec2/cert.pem
  • export EC2_JVM_ARGS=”-Dhttps.proxyHost=my.proxy -Dhttps.proxyPort=8080″

Then run amazon ec2 describe images utility

$ ./bin/ec2-describe-images -a

you’ll see a list of over 600 AMIs including the following jumpboxs

  • IMAGE   ami-70ab4f19    jumpbox-amis/bugzilla-1.1.0.manifest.xml
  • IMAGE   ami-71ab4f18    jumpbox-amis/mediawiki-1.1.0.manifest.xml
  • IMAGE   ami-6aac4803    jumpbox-amis/movabletype-1.1.0.manifest.xml
  • IMAGE   ami-0eb45067    jumpbox-amis/wordpress-1.1.0.manifest.xml

just choose a JumpBox AMI virtual machine software appliance and run it !

Finally check your credit card bill the following month !