VMware Virtual Center 1.4.1 and VMware Server

Here are some VMware Virtual Center 1.4.1 (VMWVC) with VMware Server (VMWSVR) demo / 30 day eval tips:

  • Don’t be put off by the VMWVC min spec of P4 & 2G RAM – it works (for demo/eval purposes) on a PIII with only 256M RAM !
  • Make sure you install VMWSVR on CentOS/Red Hat/Oracle instead of Debi/Ubun (so you can connect as root from VMWVC to VMWSVR)
  • Make sure you install the VMWSVR MUI Console
  • Remember you first need to add a Farm Group and then a Farm before you can do File | New | Add Host and then finally add any optional Virtual Machine Groups
  • Don’t run the Server Console against the VMWSVR you wish to manage with VMWVC

vmware vc and server


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