Monthly Archives: March 2007

VirtualBox is the newest opensource virtualisation product


When we describe VirtualBox as a “virtualization” product, we refer to “full virtualization”, that is, the particular kind of virtualization that allows an unmodified operating system with all of its installed software to run in a special environment, on top of your existing operating system. This environment, called a “virtual machine”, is created by the virtualization software by intercepting access to certain hardware components and certain features. The physical computer is then usually called the “host”, while the virtual machine is often called a “guest”. Most of the guest code runs unmodified, directly on the host computer, and the guest operating system “thinks” it’s running on real machine.

Enomalism VM Dashboard (VMD)

The Enomalism Virtualized Management Dashboard (VMD) is a powerful open source, web-based virtual machine manager for the XEN hypervisor. Designed to answer the challenges of fragmented hosting environments, Enomalism provides an easy to use interface to provision concurrent isolated servers using the Enomalism Virtualized Grid environment and the Elastic Computing Platform .